Interview with David ‘mamehaze’ Haywood

Here’s an interview with David Haywood aka MameHaze – A 20+ year veteran of the MAME development scene.  This was a casual conversation about David’s history in the scene, how development’s changed from 1999 until now and just the overall state of the MAME project.  It was an absolute pleasure talking with him and I hope this is the first of many chats like this one. The interview is available is a video (above), as well as audio-only on iTunesGoogleStitcherSpotify and many others as well as direct-download:

Here’s where to find David:

YouTube (main channel for streaming):
Twitter (progress pictures, more general communication):
Old website with yearly updates:
Backup Streaming Service:
Official MAME Homepage:

We also discussed a “found” Dreamworks game and you can see footage of it in the video below:

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