Hu-Boy Game Boy Emulator for PCE CD / SuperGrafx

Chris Covell has just posted a Game Boy emulator that runs on either PCE Engine CD / Turbo-Grafx CD and SuperGrafx consoles;  The CD attachment (or SGX) are required to utilize the extra RAM.  To use, simply drag your original .gb roms over the batch file that corresponds with your setup – This will result in either a SuperGrafx rom, or an .iso you can run via your CD drive (or ODE).  After loading the converted game, holding Select and pressing Run on the controller brings up the options menu.  Here’s the full site with download links, plus check out Chris’ video above for a demo:


This is a really impressive accomplishment and it’s kinda mind-blowing to see Game Boy games running on the TG-16!  While of course there are many easier ways to play GB games, projects like this aren’t about that.  For me personally, it’s a cool window into what “could have been”.  And I’m sure for Chris, it’s fulfilling to do something many people didn’t even think was possible!

If you’d like to hear more about Chris’ storied history in the gaming community, I did a podcast with him many years ago.  While that was fun, I definitely think it’s time for a follow-up!  This is so old, it’s back when I still combined interviews with the weekly podcast…

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