GC Portable Styled Switch Joycon Controller

Retroflag has recently released a controller accessory for the Nintendo Switch that creates the look of a portable Gamecube.  This is a single piece, designed to use the Switch and OLED Switch in portable mode (not a separate controller).  While I haven’t testing this personally, Retroflag’s Genesis and SNES USB controllers had some of the lowest latency ever tested, perform fine and are a great price – Let’s hope these are in the same league:

Purchase Here:
USB SNES Controller:
USB Genesis 6-Button Controller:
Retro-Bit 8-Button Controller:

Update (Thanks Ed!):  One thing to note, is you need to make sure your Switch has wired connections enabled for Pro controllers, otherwise it won’t work.

It’s fun to see things mass-manufactured that were obviously inspired by the retro community! Hopefully more companies will ‘take inspiration’ like RetroFlag, as opposed to outright cloning like we’ve seen in the past few years…

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