GBA Consolizer Major Firmware Update

Woozle has just posted a firmware update for users of the Game Boy Advance Consolizer (GBAz), with a ton of enhancements.  Unfortunately, the upgrade should be considered expert-only, as you need a programmer and a custom cable to flash it.  Also, unless any news bugs are found, this will likely be the last firmware released for the GBA Consolizer:

Dave made a video showing how to update, but once again, it’s not the easiest method:


According to Woozle, writing this firmware involved an almost entire rewrite of the Consolizer code to optimize timing, FPGA usage, and power.  The full list of changes are detailed below:

+DVI+ compatibility improvements.
+60hz/59.7Hz modes. Runs GBA at stock clock frequency, useful for speedrunning.
+Speedrunning features: enable button input display. Input display changes color based on whether the Consolizer is in 60hz or 59.7Hz mode. Helpful to prevent speedrun cheating through use of 60hz mode.
+Digital audio range bug fix.
+GB/GBC audio level adjustment.
+Fixed bug where game audio sample rate caused an overflow/clipping in the DVI+ audio output (Alien Hominid, Konami Krazy Racers).
+Improved menu responsiveness.
+Rewrite of Shader function to better follow Xilinx DSP guidelines (UG389, pg 27).
+Updated Shader function with latest work by Pokefan531.
+Extra gamma options, increased bit depth on 2nd gamma stage.
+Added more GB palettes.
+Workaround for GB/GBC Everdrive to fix palette swap function.
+Added mask to prevent palette from being incorrectly applied to GB non-picture area.
+Fixed bug where if 8bitdo retro receiver was hot swapped it would reset the game, hot swapping still not recommended.
+Fixes towards bug where a black screen would occasionally occur.
–Color wizard removed.
–Audio low-pass filter removed.

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