Alex Mitchell

FXPAK SuperGameBoy Improvements Continue

Even after continued support for the better part of a decade, significant new features are still being implemented on the FXPAK (nee, SD2SNES) series of Super Nintendo flash carts. In the last few weeks alone we have seen save states, Super Game Boy simulation, and now robust support for MSU-1 mods that enable CD-quality soundtracks for original Game Boy games. Yesterday, notable community member qwertymodo showed off the latest revision of their MSU-1 patch for Link’s Awakening following yet another update for the FXPAK’s SGB core. The changelog and qwerty’s Link’s Awakening stream are below:

  • Fixed GB RTC. Known bugs are fixed, but it is not well tested. See readme.txt.
  • Updated initial WAV RAM values to match a SGB2.
  • Fixed end of frame line match interrupt.
  • Added extra line of OAM interrupt.
  • Fixed problem with hidden sprites still getting rendered.
  • Fixed some cases of partially flashing scanlines by masking OAM LUT reads/writes when DMA is active.
  • Fixed interrupt related problems by rewriting STAT interrupt generation logic. Removed hack where OAM interrupt was masked using sprite disable flag.