External 3DO ODE’s Available For Pre-Order

Fixel has just opened pre-orders on their new optical drive emulator for the 3DO.  As discussed previously, you can choose from the external “X-Port” version for $350, or if you have an FZ-1 with a broken drive you can save some money with the $250 internal version.  Both are “plug and play” devices with no soldering required, however the X-Port allows you to retain the functionality of your original drive.  Both versions are due to ship in September of this year:

X-Port (external):
FZ-1 Internal Version:
bracket for FZ-1 Version:

At the moment, it looks like the internal version is only for the FZ-1 models, however the external version should work with all 3DO consoles (not the PC add-on).  The XPort will also act as a homebrew FZ-EM256 – The Japan-only device designed to expand the 3DO’s internal Save Game memory from the 32kb of built-in storage to 256KB.  I pre-ordered mine and am looking forward to giving it a shot!

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