Dreamcast VMU Rechargeable Battery Mod v.2

If you’re someone who regularly uses a Dreamcast VMU, you’ve probably gone through a lot of batteries.  Like, a lot of them.  If you’re frustrated with constantly changing them, why not consider adding a rechargeable battery to it?  Lex recently posted a video tutorial based on megavolt85‘s guide on Dreamcast-talk that helps you accomplish just that.  Give it a watch and see if it’s something you’d be interested in!

Charging Board:

If you’re planning on modding your VMU anyway, you might want to look into adding a backlight into it as well.  Or if you’re looking for alternatives, check out the VM2 project that’s currently nearing completion.

Either way, it’s been fun to see more love for the VMU lately!  The latest version of the 240p Test Suite even supports it, as well as the full English translation of Nakoruru!  I’m interested to see what else people do it with…especially after the release of VM2!

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