Dreamcast 240p Test Suite In Stock

Video Games New York has just received stock of the 240p Test Suite for the Sega Dreamcast.  Everyone who pre-ordered last June should have gotten theirs already (or at least got a ship notification).  If you haven’t bought one yet (or want a second!), they’re in stock and will ship within a few days of ordering.  Of course, you can always just download it for free – But isn’t it awesome to have an “official”, professional release?  The price is $25 plus shipping and it will work on all region Dreamcast consoles:

Physical Release:
Download it here:
Support the project:

Anyone who’s followed RetroRGB for a bit, has seen for themselves how much we all rely on the 240p Test Suite.  It’s hands-down the most important piece of software we use.  If you’re someone who works on Dreamcast consoles, I’d seriously consider picking it up!

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