Dreamcast 240p Test Suite Disc Pre-Orders

Video Games New York has just opened pre-orders for the Dreamcast version of the 240p Test Suite.  This is functionally the same as the freely available download, but released on a professionally-made MIL-CD, including artwork by Jose Salot.  The price is $25 plus shipping and expected to arrive at customers in Q3 of this year:

Pre-Order Here:
Patreon Post:
Download the latest version:

This disc will include the latest version of the DC 240p Test Suite that includes Keith Raney‘s monoscope pattern and support for MDFourier audio testing.  Anyone who follows RetroRGB should know that the 240p Test Suite is the go-to test software for every console it was released on.  It’s my personal go-to for almost every review I’ve done and a lot of the testing we all rely on wouldn’t be possible without it.  Even if you don’t want a physical version, please consider supporting the team on Patreon, or at least throwing a few bucks their was via!

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