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DevilutionX (Diablo) Ported to the Nintendo Switch Courtesy of Modern Vintage Gamer

Diablo lovers who own a hacked Nintendo Switch can now play the game courtesy of Modern Vintage Gamer.    In his How Diablo was completely Reverse Engineered without Source Code video, MVG as usual gives us a detailed overview of how this was achieved before surprising viewers (Spoiler alert!) with a playable port that he compiled from the open source github.

The game should be looked as more of a proof-in-concept than a retail style release, but MVG did add PS1 style controls to make it playable.  From the footage that he showed, it looks like it runs pretty smooth.  He also stated that touch controls are something that he may possibly implement in the future.

Of course, if you’re interested in this, check his video linked above, and enjoy!

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