Darksoft’s Namco System 1 Multi: Pre-Orders Open

Pre-orders are now open for Darksoft’s Namco System 1 Multi, that we previously covered a few months ago.  The price is around $375 + shipping, but you’ll also need a proper programmer (and, of course, a Namco System 1 arcade board).  It’s due to ship in late/December, early January:

North American Seller:
European Seller:

Unlike some of the other Darksoft Multi’s, this one works by manually programming each of the ROM’s using an external programmer (sold separately), with patched versions to get around security issues.  Games can still be swapped instantly using dip switches, but initial setup will take a bit of time.  A maximum of 64 slots can be programmed, which should be more than enough to accommodate the 24 official games, plus any hacks.

One cool feature of the multi is the ability to flip the TATE orientation, to match the position of your monitor.  This is not an auto-rotate feature like with emulation, this is simply a way to “flip right” or “flip left” to match which way your monitor is rotated.

More info can be found in the main thread (free membership required):

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