Darksoft Neo Geo Multi Firmware Updates, Price Drop

Darksoft has just posted firmware updates for both the AES and MVS versions of his Neo Geo ROM cart.  Each can be downloaded from their respective pages:

AES Firmware:
MVS Firmware:

Here’s the full list of changes and bugfixes:

  • Fix BUFF opening and closing. Possibly also fixes other related to SD card issues.
  • Fix new type of code injection breaking handling after clearFix routine.
  • Fix vblank/USER subroutine injection: two ways of breaking injection: by last or first instruction hit.
  • Turn off JSR injection module when return to Menu detected. Bug introduced long time ago. Gets activated by latest changes.
  • Fix clear injection minimized
  • Improved loading speed.
  • Fixed GFX glitches on some AES models.

Also, the price of the AES cart has dropped to about $425 and is in stock at the sellers below.  Unfortunately, the MVS carts are out of stock, with no indication of when they’ll be available for purchase:

US Seller:
European Seller:

While the video below is about a year old, the overall operation of the Darksoft cart is pretty much the same and the video will give you a good idea of what it’s like.  Since that video, the Neo SD Pro (only available for the AES) has added support for Neo Geo CD games (in mono) and Darksoft has implemented even faster loading times as well as the changes mentioned above:

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