CPSHDMI Kit Updates

Markus has posted a few updates regarding his CPSHDMI kits; A digital-to-digital HDMI kit for the Capcom Play System boards.  Here’s the updates:

  • Pre-assembled boards will be available from Video Game Perfection.  Enter your name on their mailing list to be notified when stock arrives:
  • For DIY’s, the project is completely open source…but it’s a complicated assembly, so do this at your own risk.
  • Current firmware has output fixed to 1080p (~59.6Hz), with more (lower) resolutions potentially in the pipeline.
  • Currently compatible with CPS2.
  • CPS3 compatibility has been tested and can be done with no additional hardware once the latest code has been implemented.
  • CPS1 compatibility is possible, but hardware is needed for testing.

Overall, this is really exciting and opens up some true potential!  If 480p modes are added, a cheap (sub-$10) adapter will allow you to use the kit with a cheap VGA monitor, providing a lag-free CRT solution for a very cheap price!  Also, if a passthrough mode is added, this one installation can also provide an output to an RGB monitor, via a converter and simple sync-combining cable.  That means this kit, combined with Frank_fjs’s CPS2/3 Interface board would allow use on all displays without the use of a supergun!

Main Github Page:

Check out an interview with Markus, where we discuss this and his other projects!

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