Vanessa (Vanessaira)

BSNES v108 Update

Byuu has just released an update to the BSNES emulator.  Which is an emulator based off the Super Nintendo/Super Famicom, and is a subset of the higan emulator project.  Version 108 now includes the following improvements and features:

  • 100% (known) bug-free compatibility with the entire officially licensed SNES library
  • true Super Game Boy emulation (utilizing SameBoy)
  • HD mode 7 graphics (vastly increased anti-aliasing for affine texture effects)
  • a multi-threaded video graphics renderer
  • built-in databases for games, PCBs, and cheat codes
  • support for movies, rewind, 7-zip, ExLoROM games
  • save state manager with screenshot previews and label support