Brand New Motherboard For The Game Boy Advance

FunnyPlaying has recently released a replacement Game Boy Advance motherboard. However, this isn’t just a one-for-one replacement, FunnyPlaying actually integrated a few upgrades.

Now one of the cool things about this board is that it is made of all new components. Even parts that are unique to the console are brand new, such as the link port and, cartridge connector (these are typically components that would need to be harvested from a donor console).  So if you have a heavily damaged motherboard, whether from leaking capacitors, corroded batteries, or just general neglect, this is the perfect replacement so long as the console’s CPU and RAM are in good working order.

Speaking of which, this actually happens to be one of the downsides of this kit.  It requires the transfer of a working RAM module and CPU harvested from a donor console.  Doing this is no easy task and required advanced soldering skills and the appropriate tools.  Thankfully these are the only two components needed from an original Game Boy Advance console.

However, once you get passed that, you can enjoy a fully working motherboard that functions like the original, but with a few tricks up its sleeve.  The most notable features, or the one that is most noticeable, are the 18 integrated RGB LEDs.  There are 3 different modes to choose from one of which allows you to assign a different color each individual LED so you are able to customize to your hearts content. Additionally, FunnyPlaying also integrated an upgraded audio amp that allows you to punch up the volume quite a bit more than a stock GBA.  And lastly, these boards come in an assortment of different colors, including: red, purple, black, white, and a really cool one with a clear solder mask that allows you to see all the copper traces.

Overall, I think this is a fantastic kit that not only allows us to enhance our Game Boy Advance consoles, but also preserve and extend their longevity.  I’m sure there are many damaged GBA boards out there that are unuseable but have a perfectly working CPU and RAM module.  With a board like this we can bring those damaged consoles back to life!

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