BigPEmu Adds Atari Jaguar VR Support

Rich Whitehouse really has outdone himself this time: He reverse engineered the JagVR head tracker protocol from the Missile Command games that originally had VR support planned.  This isn’t the first time Rich did something this crazy – He was the person who reverse engineered the SegaVR protocol a few years ago as well!  There’s tons more info in Rich’s video above and you can try it yourself via the latest version of the BigPEmu emulator:

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This is such a cool window into “what might have been”!  And to keep it an accurate re-creation, Rich implemented the stereoscopic 3D effect via 30Hz per eye, as it would have been done in the 90’s.  He also showed the code used to do it, meaning games like Tempest 2000 could potentially be hacked with true 3D support as well!

Rich shows it being used with VR, I believe an HTC Vive.  I believe you can also use any standard 3DTV as well, as long as the emulator is running in fullscreen mode, however I haven’t been able to test myself.  I’ll definitely try this at some point though, as my LG C6 is 3D-capable and I imagine this would be a really fun experience to try!

If you’d like to hear from from Rich, please check out the interview we did – The video is embedded below, or just search any podcast app for “RetroRGB Whitehouse”.

CREDIT – I stole the JagVR pictures from these pages, which also has more info on it:

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