3D printed N64 Region Mod

I get asked frequently by people to print a region mod for the N64, but the other public designs for that mod are difficult to print requiring more material for support structures than it honestly needs. So it seemed like it would be beneficial to do my own design for the mod that was done with 3D printing in mind.

Purchase a print here:  https://laserbear.net/shop/ols/products/n64-multi-region-mod-ntsc-and-ntsc-j
Files to print yourself are available here:  http://www.retrorgb.com/assets/3dprint/N64_CartridgeTray_RegionMod_2019-04-11.zip

Supports are still needed for the screw mounts, but the rest of the mod will print without any extra supports.

Along with many of my other creations this is a #NOCUT solution that is completely reversible.

Its a simple mod that omits the region specific tabs that Nintendo used to block games between regions. Please note this only works with NTSC and NTSC-J regions, in order to do PAL a more advanced mod will be required on top of this cart throat replacement.

These will be available for sale through my site Laserbear.net