Mega Everdrive Pro Review

Here’s a review of the Mega Everdrive Pro;  Krikzz’ latest addition to his line of Genesis Everdrive products that offers support for loading Sega CD games!  I also compared it to the only other ROM cart that can load SCD games, the Mega SD.

Mega Everdrive Pro:

This review features an MDFourier audio analysis overview from Artemio, the person who created MD fourier!  The entire MDFourier team was a giant help (as usual) during the testing of these carts and we all owe them a debt of gratitude for helping pressure the true sound of these products across all future devices!

Please note that only real Genesis hardware was used to demonstrate these products.  Also, great care was taken to ensure that all comparisons were done with the exact same hardware:  The same console, audio cables, power supply and even the same exact MicroSD card!

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00:00  Intro
00:37  Genesis Everdrive Lineup
01:39  Setting up the MEDPro
03:18  Using the MEDPro
05:41  Launch each game type
08:23  Menu Options and features
11:59  Genesis+ CD Audio
13:51  NES Rom Support
14:51  MEDPro vs MSD Physical differences
15:57  Audio test intro
17:17  MDFourier Explained
26:35  MSD vs Real SCD
32:43  MEDPro vs Real SCD
36:09  Ending

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