Advanced RGB Info

Technical Info

This page is a reference for any of the more intermediate to expert things talked about on this site.


A description of what sync is and how it applies to retro consoles.


Sync Stripper

Ways to integrate sync strippers into your console setup.

Console csync

A reference for how to get csync from each retro console.


A page about the term “240p” and how it applies to retro consoles.

Extron Rxi

A company named Extron made a few “RGB Interfaces” that are an excellent addition to most people’s retro gaming setups.

Custom RGB Connector

If you’d prefer, you can add your own output jack to any game console and bypass the stock output port.


VGA to RGB Monitor

This section explains how to get a VGA/PC signal working on an RGB monitor.


The Texas Instruments THS7314 is a high-quality analog video amp that can be used in many console mods.  This page is a description and tutorial.


Video Capture

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to perform direct RGB captures using a Datapath capture card.  These methods can be applied to other scenarios as well.

French RGB Consoles

Many consoles from France outputted RGB when their worldwide counterparts did not.  This page explains why.

Sync On Green (SoG / RGsB)



Please feel free to check out the other pages on this site, as there’s tons more retro-awesomeness to share!  Also, if you haven’t read the RGB guide, I strongly recommend it to everyone who has even a small interest in retro gaming.