GBS Control: Installation & Overview

This video highlights GBS Control, the amazing custom software from Rama that converts the mediocre GBS8200 scaler into an AWESOME piece of retro gaming hardware!  I’ll cover the basics from assembly & programming, to lag testing and comparisons.

Donate to Rama:
ESP8266 WiFi Module for GBS Control:
Clock generator:
GBS Control Page:
GBS-C AIO Custom Kit:
VGA to HDMI Converter:
VGA to YPbPr Breakout Cable:
Dave’s install video:

Tools I use for modding:
amoore2600’s GBS Control Capture Examples:

8220 Output Improvement components:

Replace R58 with 100 (or120) Ohm ferrite bead and after the ferrite, add a 1uF capacitor to ground as shown here:

00:00  Intro and opening
01:38  Hardware Installation
05:48  Software Setup
08:41  Connect to WiFi
09:38  Inputs
10:56  Outputs
13:03  Lag Testing
14:39  Examples & Comparisons
18:29  Outro

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