MiSTerFPGA Remote Control Script by Wizzo


If you’re a MiSTer FPGA owner, a must have utility to include in your setup is wizzo’s remote script. This script not only lets you control your MiSTer from any device with a web browser, but it can also allow you to search for a game to run, add favorites, manage your ini settings and much more.

You can install the script by enabling “MiSTer Extensions” in the update_all script.
After installation, head over to the MiSTer Scripts menu and run “Remote.” The script will show you a web address that you can load up on your browser to start controlling your MiSTer.


These are the functions the web app provides.

  • Control: A remote control that you can use to navigate your MiSTer FPGA along with other functions.
  • Menu: A replica of the MiSTer menu browser.
  • Search: Search for games installed on your MiSTer. Really helpful if you have a large library. You can also filter by system
  • Systems: A quick list of cores, organized by Consoles, Computers and Other.
  • Screenshots: Here you can browse screenshots and take them.
  • Wallpaper: You can browse your installed wallpapers and set the active one.
  • Scripts: You can run a script from this page. Any frequently used script can be starred so it always appears on top of the list.
  • Settings: Here you can edit your ini file through an easy to navigate menu system.


Check out the video above for a more detailed walkthrough of the script and if you want to learn more about Wizzo, check out the Interview done by RetroRGB.



Interview with wizzo