Upcoming MiSTer Cores: Sega CD, PlayStation, Jaguar, Cave Arcade, CPS1, and more

Bob asked me to write up the upcoming MiSTer FPGA cores, and I came up with quite a few. Below are the *known* in-progress or planned cores that are being worked on or researched. As is the case with MiSTer, you never know when something will simply manifest out of the ether, so there are probably a number of secret cores in the works as well.

Core – Coder
Aliens (Konami) Arcade – RndMnkIII
Black Tiger Arcade – Jotego
Breakout (1976) Arcade – Eicar
Capcom CPS-1 Arcade Multi-Core – Jotego
Cave Generation 1 Arcade Multi-Core – rwk (ee)
Food Fight Arcade – MisterX-B
Jackal Arcade – Ace
Jaguar – Torlus & ElectronAsh
Neo Geo CD – furrtek
Rygar Arcade – nullobject
Sega CD – srg320
Side Arms Arcade – Jotego
Sony PlayStation – laxer3a

There is also a new arcade core backend in the works by Alan Steremberg that will do away with the need to convert MAME ROMs, and it could become a single arcade core front-end (with all games in one list) similar to MAME.