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Unofficial Mega Man X port for the Genesis looks fantastic.

Developer TiagoSC is working on a Mega Drive/Genesis port of Mega Man X. Some WIP gameplay footage is now available and it looks and sounds fantastic!

The colors look amazingly close to the SNES original and while the sound may not be 100% identical, it still rocks. Keep in mind that this is a homebrew that appears to be worked on by a single developer in his spare time.  This is not a studio of M2’s caliber which makes the fact that this unofficial port looks and sounds so good even more amazing.

In the video, you may notice that Mega Man X also has some voice samples added which could cause some purists to raise their eyebrows.

Unfortunately, there is no release date and information is sparse. Apparently, the developer isn’t a fan of social media and feels that it is detrimental to his productivity.

Additional game play videos can be found on this YouTube page: Link

Up-to-date information on the game can also be found in this thread: Link

With ports of Shinobi (arcade), Bad Dudes (arcade), and Mega Man X in the works, the Genesis is absolutely hitting its stride in its second lease on life. That’s not even counting all of the original homebrew in development.


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