UD-USB Decoder Arcade Controller Converter Firmware Update

UD Game Tech makes a popular controller adapter called the UD-USB Decoder (AKA “Undamned Converter”) that adapts Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, and PS4 controllers to arcade format, for use with arcade game PCBs and superguns. Last week he issued a firmware update to bring support to even more popular PS4 joysticks:

UD-USB & UD-CPS2 firmware (1.4d):

– Support for Victrix Pro FS added
– Qanba Dragon and Obsidian can now run in PS4 mode (previously, they only worked in PS3 mode)
– PS4 Fighting Edge will work if L1 & L2 held until indicator LED solid GREEN (if you continue to hold the buttons for several seconds, you will enter mapping mode, so if mapping not desired, release buttons once LED indicator goes solid)*

*Proper PS4 Fighting Edge support (without button holding) should be in next firmware update.

UD-USB Decoders are sold though Paradise Arcade Shop (the cased version is out of stock, but more are en route).
Firmware Update: