The NES Just Got An Over-Engineered 72-Pin Connector

RockerGaming and BlueShell3D have just opened pre-orders for their upgraded 72-pin connector for the NES, called the Ninten-Drawer. As many of you are aware, over time the original Nintendo cartridge connector mechanism can become unreliable, causing frustration when trying to get your NES cartridges to load properly. Previous solutions for failing 72-pin connectors improved reliability but often created other issues, such as the dreaded “death grip.” The Ninten-Drawer promises to provide a solid connection to your game cartridge with no downsides, and definitely no death grip.

Features of the Ninten-Drawer
The Ninten-Drawer design includes:

  • Magnets to ensure the cartridge stays in position
  • A sliding mechanism for easy removal of cartridges
  • A built-in CIC lockout bypass, ensuring reliable game loading every time

Easy Installation
Installing the Ninten-Drawer is straightforward and accessible to many users. No soldering is required. The kit includes the fully assembled Ninten-Drawer unit and a customizable nameplate (the nameplate design will be open source so you can customize and make your own). Swapping out the old connector involves disassembling the NES, removing the old 72-pin connector, and slotting in the new one. The process is simple enough for anyone with just a basic screwdriver set.

Enhanced Compatibility and Performance
What sets the Ninten-Drawer apart is its ease of use and reliability. The integrated magnets ensure the cartridge stays in position, and the sliding mechanism makes removing cartridges a breeze, eliminating the dreaded “death grip” that plagued previous solutions. The Ninten-Drawer also delivers some pretty excellent compatibility with a wide range of NES games, including those that have historically been finicky, such as unlicensed titles (think Tengen and Camerica titles). Its built-in lockout bypass chip expands the system’s compatibility to include PAL titles and other region-specific games.

Priced at $50, the Ninten-Drawer I think offers some pretty good value. It’s more than just a replacement part; it’s an upgrade that enhances the overall NES experience, providing a premium feel and reliable performance. For anyone looking to enhance their NES and enjoy their library of games without connection issues, the Ninten-Drawer is definitely a worthwhile upgrade.

If you’re interested in picking one up, check out the links below:

Rocker Gaming Etsy Store: LINK

BlueShell3D Store: LINK

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