Rany Battikh

Genesis/Famicom/MSX Protective Plastic Shell

RetroDaily is now accepting pre-orders for clear plastic protective shells that snugly house Genesis/Mega Drive, MSX and Famicom cartridges. While second-hand Genesis/Mega Drive carts are most commonly found encased in their original plastic packaging, complete-in-box prices have been on the rise for the past few years, making cart-only a more appealing option for non-collectors to […]

Rany Battikh

PC Engine translucent Smoke Gray case by Retro Game Restore

After successfully producing two runs of the transparent clear Pc-Engine cases back in April, Retro Game Restore has now opened pre-orders for a translucent smoke gray kit for Pc-Engine consoles and controllers (second generation controller with turbo buttons on board). Clear Case:  http://retrogamerestore.com/pce_case/ Smoke Case:  http://retrogamerestore.com/pce_case_smk/ RGR is still using the same mold as the clear case […]


Capcom CPS-2 Metal Case

TR Fight Stick is working on a Capcom CPS-2 Arcade case. You may remember that he also sells a CPS-3 metal case, and is also currently at work on metal and wood Dreamcast shells. The CPS-2 case shares features of both: https://www.arcade-projects.com/forums/index.php?thread/7638-cps-2-custom-metal-case-work-in-progress/ I want to share with you one of my CPS2 design. It is […]