SNES2Neo Controller Adapter

Pre-orders are open for a Super Nintendo to Neo Geo controller adapter.  These are designed by Todd from Retro Frog and are selling for $40 plus shipping.  More info is available in the (short) launch video above, as well as below the links:

Pre-Order Here:

This adapter should be compatible with anything that uses the Neo Geo’s controller pinout.  That includes original AES/MVS hardware, the Neo Geo CD and any supergun with the same pinout.  All 6 buttons are wired, so if you use it with a supergun the shoulder buttons should act as buttons 5 & 6;  Please remember, superguns can be weird and yours might not be wired the same.  Totally safe to try though and buttons 1-4, start and select (coin) should work on all.

On the input side, these should be compatible with all SNES controllers, including wireless 8BitDo controllers.  I can’t think of a SNES controller that wouldn’t work…although you’re on your own with SNES mouse support 🙂  Overall, these seem like the perfect adapter for people to want to use SNES controllers on their Neo Geo’s or superguns!

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