TraynoCo (Sega Saturn, SHIRO!)


Back in 2018, Dave & Peter from SHIRO! Media Group, decided they would love to create their own game magazine, paying homage to their favorite console of all time. Little did they know the shear amount of work that would be involved in bringing such a dream to reality. However, they kept plugging away at it slowly, while prioritizing everyday life, from being dads to having day jobs and everything in between…

It’s been a long road full of lessons learned and doubtless many more to come, but here it is, finally. SHIRO! is very proud to present to you our very first issue of SHIRO! MAGAZINE!

FULL DISCLOSURE: Due to our small publishing operation, this magazine costs us $7/per issue to physically publish, and the packaging supplies & merchant transaction fees add an approx. $3 on top of that. As a result, each issue of this very limited print edition will retail for $10 (basically our production cost). We also have an early print run that did not meet with our standards for the final run (having some very minor cosmetic print & cut issues). This 1st print run will be sold at a 50% discount for those interested in saving a few dollars…

If you’d like to purchase a copy, you can place an order here:

Note: If all issues sell out, we’ll be doing another print run as soon as possible, and will try to get them back up in a timely manner!

Thank you again to everyone in the community for supporting our efforts! We hope to get more issues of SHIRO! Magazine to you in the future!

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