Shell Mod Gives The Nintendo Switch Better Performance at Cooler Temps

A talented modder by the name of Set just created one of the coolest mods for the Nintendo Switch.  The mod he created was initially designed as a way to salvage old Switch console with broken displays that could only be used docked.  Since a screen repair is quite difficult he thought that making a new shell design could be a good solution that would be easy for people to do.

Set also decided to take this concept a step further by adding a large 80mm fan into the mix to increase the console’s cooling capacity which lead him to asking this question, “how would this new case design impact the thermals on an overclocked system?”

Well, to his surprise, the thermals were improved drastically.  So much so that the temps on an overclocked unit were less than a completely stock unit docked.

In my video I test out a few games just to see how much the temps were improved, so definitely check it out, I think you’ll be impressed.

As of right now, this shell case only works with the newer OLED Switch models.  However, Set is working on another design that will work with both the V1 and V2 Switch variants.  It should be noted that you will need to salvage parts from both the Switch console as well as the dock.

Now, when this modded Switch paired with a Pro Controller, you can almost imagine that this is what Nintendo may have released as a dedicated home console version of the Switch.  We got a dedicated handheld version in the Switch Lite, but not the opposite.

If you want to pick one of these up for yourself you can check out Set’s Etsy store here:  LINK

And for more details on the cooling performance as well as how to put one of these together, check out my video linked at the top of this article.

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