SD2SNES Firmware v1.10.0 – S-DD1 for all & SA1+MSU1 for Pro

Ikari just released the latest SD2SNES firmware v1.10.0, adding support for the new Pro model (AKA MK.III) as well as S-DD1 support for both the original SD2SNES & Pro.

The new firmware also allows SA-1 special chip games to be MSU-1 patched for the Pro. SA1+MSU1 were too large to fit the Spartan III FPGA on the original SD2SNES, but fit well within the massive Cyclone IV FPGA of the new SD2SNES Pro.

And yes, the original SD2SNES will hereupon be referred to as the OG SD2SNES

I shot a video covering everything the update brings to OG & Pro:

Release Post: