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Saturn Patch Unlocks Hidden Bonus Stages in Bomberman Fight!!

Saturn hacker Bo Bayles, behind such projects as the NiGHTS into Dreams Retro-Bit Controller fix, and finding the playable Dolphin in Burning Rangers, released a patch last week that unlocks the three hidden bonus stages in battle mode for Bomberman Fight!!:


For those unaware, in Bomberman Fight!! if you use the SBom Joycard controller and put the center switch in the, “Hu Position”, you can unlock three hidden stages in the game. If you don’t own said controller, you would need to mash the start button as fast as possible when starting the game, and it would unlock the missing stages as well.  

The fabled controller, courtesy of SEGA Retro

Malenko, the developer behind the now public Bomberman Fight!! fan translation, reached out to Bo Bayles to see if it was possible to trigger the stage unlock without the need to mash any buttons or use the special controller:  

Bo Bayles was able to bypass the check, and now the game will automatically unlock the stages without the specific controller, or mashing the start button.

If you want to download the patch, you can check it out here, but it requires the XDelta utility to patch the game:

Bo Bayles has also confirmed Malenko will be including the patch in the future fan translation releases of Bomberman Fight!! which will add additional value to the already amazing fan translation effort.

We’ll make sure to keep you up to date with all of Bo Bayles projects, and the progress of Malenko’s Bomberman Fight!! fan translation!

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