Satiator Beta Update

Professor Abrasive has just posted an update about his Sega Saturn optical drive emulator.  The beta hardware is in and finally built correctly by the manufacturer.  Also, the cases are being finalized with the intent of production versions being SLA plastic;  I’m assuming the beta’s will ship in a 3D printed case.

Also, the focus now needs to be spent on the manufacturing test equipment.  This is one of those behind-the-scenes things that I (Bob) have quite a bit of experience with and is something that’s almost always underestimated.  Basically, for a company to have a hardware product manufactured and tested in large quantities, you’d need to design “foolproof” test hardware and software:  Something that you can just plug the Satiator into, press a few buttons and have it give you a pass or fail report.  Professor Abrasive seems to be well-aware of these requirements and is determined to do everything properly!  That might cause some more delays for the final production, but it’s an important step to make sure we all receive our Satiators in perfect working condition.

I just hope the test jig’s won’t delay beta versions to ship, as many of us were looking forward to testing and providing feedback!

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