Rany Battikh

Retroverse Controller Tester kit by Consoles4You

Consoles4You has just opened pre-orders for a Controller Tester kit that aims at testing a wide range of retro controllers without the use of consoles.

The kit consists of a base unit and individual controller adapters. The base unit features an OLED screen, a USB-C port for power and a DB25 female connector. Each controller adapter features a specific console/controller connector, and a DB25 male connector so it could plug right in the base unit.

The screen on the base unit indicates, through a simple text-based interface, whether the connected controller is functioning properly or not. For example, a working button, when pressed down, will display a dot on the screen. A non-working button, when pressed down, won’t display anything. Same thing applies for D-pads. When testing an analogue stick, the screen displays the values of the x and y axis.

My favorite part of this kit is that includes 20 individual controller adapters. Here’s the full list of supported controllers:

The whole kit comes packed in a solid plastic case with a layered foam interior. All the parts of the Controller Tester can also be bought separately. The kit comprised of the base unit, 20 controller adapters and the plastic case is priced at $414 but an early bird purchase/order (before July 28) lowers the price to $362. The Controller Tester kit is estimated to ship in late September 2022.

If bought separately the parts are priced as follows:

  • Base unit: $62
  • Each controller adapter: $20.5
  • Plastic box: $72.5

In my opinion, game stores/shops with hundreds of controllers in their inventory would benefit the most from the Retroverse Controller Tester kit as it could save them a ton of time and efforts by streamlining their controller testing process.


  • Pre-order the Retroverse Controller Tester kit here: https://retrorgb.link/retroverse (Scroll down to check the bundle offer)
  • Click on the controller adapter of your choice from the list above to read more information about it and/or pre-order it.


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