RetroTINK 5x Premium Remote Control For Sale

Mike Chi has just released a new, “premium” remote control for the RetroTINK 5x.  You’ll need to be on firmware revision 3.7 or higher to use it, however the older remote will still work on all firmware revisions.  The price is $30 plus shipping and it should reach customers early next month:

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I’ve been testing this remote and love it – I find it to be a big step up from the original, IF you’re someone who’s always changing settings and flipping through menu’s.  If you just use the RT5x in generic mode (which is still awesome) and only need the remote to switch inputs, then you probably don’t need to upgrade.

Either way, check out the pictures below to see it compared to the original and take a look at the buttons – If you think having those shortcuts would save you time, then this is for you!

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