RetroTINK 4K CAD Drawings Released

Mike Chi has just released the CAD drawings for the upcoming RetroTINK 4K scaler.  This will allow 3D printing wizards to come up with some cool accessories, to prepare for the launch of the product!  Some people have already posted some ideas, which I’ll link to below.  Also, check out the launch video above for more info and download the files yourself at the bottom of the main RT4K page here:

RT4K Official Announcement Page:
Purchase all RetroTINK Products via multiple vendors worldwide here:

So far, people have posted some cool ideas!  Todd from RetroFrog showed off a vertical stand, similar to the one he did for the RT5x, that can even hold the remote!  Also, Greg from LaserBear added a fan mount above the main chip;  While many people won’t need to worry about cooling, if you plan on rack-mounting your RT4K, extra ventilation is never a bad thing 🙂

Kytor Industries is also looking into ways to utilize the mount holes next to the SCART connector, to help secure cables in place.  Kytor has previous experience securing SCART cables, via the RT5x SCART breakout and clamp previously released.  I’m sure there will be plenty mor designs released, but I wanted to at least show off what’s coming for arguably the most exciting retro gaming scaler ever released!

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