Retrobit GameCube Component Video Cables

Retro-Bit have just opened pre-orders on fully shielded component video cables for the GameCube.  These will be sold under their ‘Prism’ line of GC products, which already includes a well-received HDMI version.  These are compatible with every resolution the GameCube outputs and they also generate audio from the same port, removing the need for a second cable.  The price is a very reasonable $60 plus shipping, with delivery expected this spring:

Pre-order yours here:

If you’re looking for an immediate solution for GameCube component video, Retro-bit’s HDMI-outputting Prism can accomplish the same thing, simply by pairing it with a cheap Digital to Analog Converter (DAC).  The HDMI version is $80 and the DAC’s usually run around $20, so you’re not saving any cost by going the HDMI route.  That said, this could be a cost-effective option for people who use both component and HDMI outputs.  Heck, you can even use both at the same time if you also add an HDMI splitter between the Prism HDMI and DAC, allowing for safe dual-output…and depending on the HDMI splitter, you can even break out digital audio as well.  Links to the Prism HDMI and adapters are below:

HDMI Version:
HDMI to Component Converters:

One last thing to mention if you’re using the Prism HDMI, is cable strain relief:  If your setup doesn’t put any downward-pressure on the Prism’s HDMI port, there’s nothing to worry about, however if you’d like some more protection, check out Todd’s GCVideo support brace.  More info here:

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