Rany Battikh

Retro Gaming Cables Genesis & Saturn YPbPr cables

After the initial announcement in early 2019, Retro Gaming Cables finally released its anticipated component YPbPr cables for the Genesis/Mega Drive 1 & 2 and Saturn consoles.

Set to output at the console’s original resolution of 240p, the cables are advertised to work perfectly with the RetroTink 2x, although they should work as good with the OSSC too. And it goes without saying that the cables at hand are fully compatible with consumer grade CRTs (with component inputs) and Professional/Broadcast monitors that have the ability to switch between RGB and YPbPr.

The Genesis/MD and Saturn cables alongside the upcoming component cables are the result of a joint effort between Mike Chi and UK’s Retro Gaming Cables.

Both the Saturn and Genesis/Mega Drive 2 cables are priced at $53, while the Genesis/ Mega Drive 1 cable with the 3.5mm stereo audio jack is priced at $59.