Vanessa (Vanessaira)

Retro Fighters BladeGC Controller Pre Order

Third party controller maker Retro Fighters is wrapping up their pre order phase for the new BladeGC controller.  The BladeGC is a new 3rd party wireless Nintendo Gamecube, Switch, and PC compatible controller, which will utilize 2.4GHz wireless technology.  Retro Fighters states the controller will have around 10+ hours of battery life as well as an accurate direction pad and responsive analog sticks.  Pressure sensitive analog triggers will also be present as well as Z buttons on both left and right of the controller top sides as well as all the standard function buttons for the Switch.  Connection to the Gamecube will have a wireless adaptor that plugs into the console similar to that of the Wavebird controllers adaptor. 

There are about 7 days left to the pre order (as of the posting of this article) and are planned to be shipped around April of 2022.  Retro Fighters responded to a question posted on Twitter and stated that there would be more production runs of the BladeGC controller in the future but due to world wide parts shortages.  Only the pre order run will be completed for now, and will ship when they receive their shipment from the factory.  Links down below.  



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