Remute’s ‘ To The Bone’ Commodore C64 up for Pre-Order

Remute has launched pre-order for his latest album To The Bone. The album will be availlably digitally through Bandcamp, on a Commodore C64 cartridge and 7″ vinyl record, with scheduled release on July 7th 2023. 2 track are available immidiately during pre-order.


All revisions of the C64, no matter if PAL or NTSC. A 8580 SID is recommended, but 6581 will work too. All music gets generated in realtime by the SID soundchip of the C64, except ‘In The Dark’ which showcases high quality native digital audio playback, never heard before like this on the C64. Edition with the cartridge and digital album is set to €35.

The 7″ vinyl record will include a vinyl only track C64 Dinosaur. It will be avilable only as a Limited Plus Edition together with the cartridge and digital album for €45.

Like with his previous albums Technoptimistic and Living Electronics, programmer Kabuto and graphic artist Alien have teamed up for this release again. The custom PCB board is designed by Mr Tentacle, who already cooperated with Remute on his PC-Engine album Electronic Lifestyle or on the Cult Of Remute for SNES.

A download to the .CRT-File will also be included upon release for use in an emulator or THEC64 mini / maxi.

Today also happenes to be Bandcamp friday, which means Bandcamp is giving up their share on the sale and passing it to the artisti, giving them a bigger cut.