Remute’s ‘Drive Into The Future’ MS-DOS up for Pre-Order

Remute has launched pre-order for his latest album Drive Into The Future. The album will be availlably digitally through Bandcamp and on a CD-ROM for MS-DOS, with scheduled release on October 6, 2023. 3 track are available immidiately during pre-order.


All music gets generated in realtime by the Impulse Tracker format and the player programmed by the MS-DOS specialist Bananaboy. This release also introduces interactivity, with the possibilities to switch off and on parts of the song, allowing the end user to express their creativity within this album. Visuals are made by demoscne artist Alien^PDX. You can play this MS-DOS version either on authentic retro PC with MS-DOS running, or on a preconfigured DOSBOX, available on the CD-ROM itself.

Digital album is available for €15 at Bandcamp, while the CD-ROM album is available at new Remute’s storefront for €40.

Today also happenes to be Bandcamp friday again, which means Bandcamp is giving up their share on the sale and passing it to the artisti, giving them a bigger cut.