Pseudo Saturn Gets Major Update in Kai v6.274

Pseudo Saturn is a community firmware that can be flashed to devices like the Action Replay 4. It was originally designed to simply add a hardware exploit option to the AR4, allowing the booting of burned discs and negating the need for a modchip. But features have been continually added to it through the years and it is now much more than a simple hardmod. Pseudo Saturn Kai v6.274 continues the evolution and give PS a thorough list of upgrades and new features.

Pseudo Saturn Kai Features
Automatic game loader
Huge cheats selection menu
Rhea/Phoebe disc images menu integration that’s better than their official menus
Dezaemon 2 Save Game Manager for sharing homebrew D2 shoot ’em ups (over 200 are available)
Save game management
Two new animated boot sequences, one for PSK & another for Rhea/Phoebe
In-game connectivity for USB dev cart
Virtual Memory Cartridge support via USB dev cart
Fixed support for 3D pad
Lots of bug fixes & code improvements

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