PS1Digital Firmware v1.3.2

Christof has recently released a new firmware for the PS1Digital, that allows you to adjust the horizontal and vertical alignment of the video output.  In most cases, the auto-detection of resolutions should be fine and there’s no need for any manual adjustment.  While Christof will continue to tweak the code to clear up the remaining auto-detect issues on certain screens (most notably on PAL games), having a manual option will ensure full compatibility;  If you have alignment issues, simply set the adjustment to any number other than “auto” and it should work.

As always, updating your PS1Digital firmware is as easy as connecting it to a wireless network and updating via the menu!  It’s about as easy as possible and one of the most streamlined updating solutions in all of “modern retro” gaming!

For more info on the PS1 Digital, please see the full review below:

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