Nick (PandaMonium)

PandaMonium Documentary Covers Leaked Sega FY 1997 Documents

So what exactly “killed” Sega? The troubling thing about this question is it really cannot be answered in a single video. What can be said is they lost quite a bit of money throughout the 1990’s. Thanks to a recent leak of the Sega FY1997 Brand Review, and translations of recent statements from former Sega of Japan execs, we now have a clear view of Sega’s slow bleed out.

This video seeks to summarize the important details of the document, how they link to the recent revelations from SOJ execs, and tie them to the numerous other sources picked up over the years. This shows what went on behind Sega’s doors throughout the 5th gen.

It runs just a little more than one hour long, featuring some interviews from my previous videos. This also deals with the false notion that Sega of America did nothing wrong in the mid-90’s.

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