No-Cut GameCube MiniHDMI Backplate

There’s now a 3D-printed, full backplate replacement for the Nintendo GameCube that features a pre-cut MiniHDMI port.  This is great for people who prefer internal HDMI mods for their GC, both because the hole is pre-cut with a “tray” for the mod board and because you don’t have to damage the original backplate.

As many of you reading this already know, I’m a giant fan of any mod that doesn’t require you to cut the plastic of your console;  While most internal mods can be easily reversed, once plastic is cut, there’s no going back.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a console ruined because a previous mod became outdated and the new mod required more cutting ;/  I completely understand why some people might prefer an internal GC HDMI mod vs a plug and play, but please consider using this plate (or any like it) instead of cutting your case.  There’s already talk of new mods for the Gamecube on the horizon and if it requires a different mounting location, using something like this will preserve your console.

…or, just use a plug and play dongle that requires no modding or cutting.  Once again, I see a few reasons why people would want the internal mod, but I always like to provide options for people when possible:

Prism HDMI GCVideo Adapter:
Support Brace (not necessary, but it seems like a good idea):

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