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NEW SATURN HORROR GAME! – Cold Case by JBeretta

Saturn homebrew developer JBeretta, behind the cute 2D platformer Zygo, has dipped their foot into the world of survival horror with their new 3D game Cold Case, A brand new entry for the SEGA Saturn 29th Anniversary Game Competition!

I’ve been working on this since the beginning of the year in it’s current form, since i first started with Jo-engine in 2021, the plan was always to make a survival horror type game like silent hill / resident evil but i never thought it would be possible. its not perfect but it works (ish!). let me know what you think.

JBeretta on Cold Case

Styled like a Silent Hill-esque game, you play as an unidentified man trying to find “Evidence”. What this evidence is for, however, is pretty vague. Each piece of evidence transports you to another area of the game, and puts you head to head with ungodly creatures.

You start the game in your apartment, nothing out of the ordinary. You can’t open the front door, so you check out the bathroom and look at yourself in the mirror, but as you look, you are transported to a more dirtier version of the bathroom.  

Me on a typical Friday night.


What I think my bathroom looks like vs. what it actually looks like

As you venture back into your apartment, you see a not-so-friendly guest welcome you back.  


After killing him, you can pick up the evidence, and as you examine it, you are transported to an eerie church. Looking around the courtyard, you find some ammo for your pistol, and the only way forward entering the church.  

Nah, don’t think I’ll enter the creepy church thank you

In the church, you meet another new friend you must dispatch, and retrieve the shotgun plus extra ammo for it.  

Gonna be a “Holy” night alright

Once inside, you can head up the tower with one of the best ladder-climbing animations ever made. There’s one final enemy you have to face, a giant horror bird!

Half-Life eat your heart out!


The bee’s are massive this time of year

Once you defeat it, you get another piece of evidence that transports you to the end of the demo.

Even has the creepy music playing as you explore

You are now in the title screen’s destroyed town. Feel free to explore, go back to the church, end the demo, or fall into the void like I did!

“Ight imma head out”

Keep in mind, this is an EARLY DEMO, things might be a bit glitchy or subject to change. With that said, it was a ton of fun to play, and I recommend people check out this game immediately!

If you’d like to download it yourself, you can find the game here:


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