New NES Platformer ‘Trophy’ on Kickstarter

While walking through the aisles at PAX East, I stumbled upon a booth showcasing a brand new NES game called Trophy:  An action platformer that seemed Mega Man-inspired and would be available on real NES carts.  After playing the game for a bit, it was obvious the game was no Mega Man romhack, as the gamplay and physics felt really fluid like a modern game would.

I spoke to the team and found out the game was coded from scratch in 6502 assembly language, along with using custom tools developed specifically by their team.  They’re also taking advantage of the MMC3 mapper, which allows the game to have much improved performance over a standard NES game made without it!

The cartridges themselves looked very high quality with a blue translucent colored shell.  Also, the circuit boards for the games are made by Infinite NES Lives, which have a history of delivering quality NES PCB’s.

While I’ve been a bit leery of backing games on Kickstarter lately, the game is 100% finished and the kickstarter is simply to gauge interest and pay for the cartridge production.  Also, this isn’t the company’s first game release, so my confidence is pretty high that everything will be delivered at a reasonable time.  The Kickstarter has a few tiers listed:

$10 for a software-only PC/ROM version
$50 for a cart-only option
$60 for a complete-in-box option
A limited edition set was offered for $100, but already sold out.

The cartridges are scheduled to ship this June and can be pre-ordered on the main Kickstarter page:

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