Vanessa (Vanessaira)

New Dreamcast BBA Solution

A brand new Broadband Adapter (BBA) kit for the SEGA Dreamcast was recently shown and released on the Dreamcast-Talk forums.  Xrider the maker of the conversion kit.  Showed off the process of assembling the kit as well as going over the requirements for doing the kit conversion.  Assembly, soldering, and tracking down of parts is needed.  So this solution is not as simple as plug and play.

The process and pieces needed to complete and make this kit requires the following: The connector piece from your existing stock Dreamcast Modem Adaptor, a separate LAN (Local Area Network) adaptor also known as the “Communications Cartridge” module from the Atomiswave Arcade machine, and finally the kit from Xrider.  Which you can purchase from an eBay store linked below.  (Also SmokeMonster just recently posted an article about Metal Slug 6 and the Atomiswave.  Again links down below.)

Xrider states that the advantages of using this LAN adapter will still allow its users to have compatibility with Atomiswave machines as well as having your Dreamcast recognize the kit as a genuine Dreamcast BBA.  This means all the capabilities that can be done with a real Dreamcast BBA are accomplished with this kit.  Whether that is getting new saves and downloading them to your VMU’s, browsing the web, dumping GD-ROMs or playing Phantasy Star Online via private servers to your hearts content. ;D

Its wonderful to see other solutions available now for getting online with the SEGA Dreamcast.  Even if they require tracking down and a bit of assembly.  Keep in mind that this is not the only solution and using a RaspberryPi to build a DreamPi is an incredibly cheap and easy solution.  Not to mention that this method has the greatest compatibility for playing games online with the Dreamcast.  All links below.


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