New DF Retro series on the PS1

A new DF Retro video series on the launch of the PlayStation 1 recently had its final part uploaded. The series goes over the launch of the PS1 in all 3 territories. Part 1 covers the PS1 launch in Japan, part 2 covers the launch in North America, and part 3 covers the launch in Europe. Not only did the cover the system’s launch, but both John Linneman and Audi Sorlie also covered all the games that were available on day one in each region, with notable games covered being Ridge Race for both the JP and US launches, Mahjong Gokuu Tenjiku for the JP launch, Rayman for the US launch, and  Wipeout and Jumping flash for the EU launch.

And every game they talk about gets the full DF treatment, with Graphical analysis, and covering version differences. It’s a full DF Retro experience that I love.

The PS1 launch series is probably one of my favorite DF Retro videos because of how in depth they go, and the jokes they add are also great and are a nice way to break up the analasis and keep me invested (not that I wasn’t invested before). And also the visual gags are great. I can’t wait to see what John and Audi have in store. Be warned though if you decide to binge the whole series, it’s almost 3 hours long, so best get some popcorn and a drink for it.