Rany Battikh

New CPS2 “Suicide” revival method

As an alternative solution to Undamned’s Infinikey-CPS2, aje_fr posted a new method to resurrect dead CPS2 boards, on the arcade-projects forums.

This simple yet effective new mod only involves soldering a pic12f675 8-bit microcontroller to 6 pins on the game rom board. Of course, the placement of the mentioned pins depends on the board revision at hand, but the initial process remains the same across all revisions.

The pic12f675 will have to be flashed with each game’s corresponding .hex file so aje_fr made the entire CPS2 library (.hex files) available for download on github.

If you have a PICkit (microcontroller programmer) laying around, then this quick mod can help revive your dead CPS2 game in very little time and effort.

Original post: https://www.arcade-projects.com/forums/index.php?thread/8861-cps2-suicide-free-modchip/&postID=141619#post141619