New ColecoVision RGB Mod Available – TMS RGB

Nicholas Piegdon who goes by the name Falonn at AtariAge has just completed development on a new RGB Mod for the ColecoVision (and technically anything that uses the TMS992xA chip to generate video).  The new mod is designed to address all of the outstanding issues with existing RGB mods.  Most notably incorrect color generation, and “skinny pixels”. (When transitioning from black to any color the first half of the pixel remains black so vertical lines like text and the ladders in Donkey Kong appear too narrow).

Not content to just announce the new mod with a link to github, he has taken the trouble to stand up a website dedicated to the TMS-RGB (  For the DIY modder, the website has links to order the board from OSH Park, a pre-filled Digi-Key cart for easy component ordering, and several videos showing everything from how to use a stencil and solder paste to assemble the board to installation.  There are also lists of other modders who are selling pre-assembled boards, and lists of modders you can contact to have the mod installed for you.

Some high points of the mod:

  • Correctly renders colors
  • Correctly draws text (vertical lines aren’t “skinny”)
  • No tuning or oscilloscope required
  • Multiple install configurations (straight RGB cable, Genesis 2 output levels etc…)
  • Very simple installation

After giving the mod a spin myself I have to say that it really does seem to be the best RGB solution for the ColecoVision that I’ve seen yet.  My full review and my recommended method of install are available on my blog here:

Completed boards will soon be available to purchase from Mobius’ website here:

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